1. Why do i need a Bio Link?

Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok only allow for one link in the bio. Using a bio link lets you link to all your pages — websites, shop, blog, social posts, videos, anything — making it easier for your audience to discover all your content.

The Bio Link from YouLinkTo is also incredibly fast, stunningly elegant, and optimized for clicks.


2. Is the free plan 100% free?

It is. All the features of the free plan will be free for you, forever.

You only pay when you choose the Pro Plan. You need it only if you’re want or need more features than the Free plan.


3. Why choose YouLinkTo over the alternatives?

YouLinkTo is designed for creators, and for businesses. We obsessed over functionalty, speed, and above all, giving complete control over your audience. 


4. Can i create more than one Bio Link or Shortened URL?

Yes, you can. Depending on your subscription, you can create 5 or 10 biolink pages. You can always create shortened urls as much as you want! That is the power of YouLinkTo.


5. I love the product! How can i show my appreciation?

  1. Tell your friends about us 
  2. Support us by using the Pro Plan 
  3. Become an affiliate and help us grow together


6. Agency

If you are an agency and need to setup multiple Bio Links, please let us know by summit a ticket and ask for the possibilities